Improving Americans' health and well being... one garden at a time.

Coaching, Consulting, and Activity Services

Green Thumb at Your Service offers the following vegetable garden services. Contact Garden Coach Mark Lyons by calling him or sending him an e-mail through his website to schedule an appointment.

Initial Consultation
The first meeting with the client to discuss their vegetable garden goals and gather the information needed to provide them with a quotation for additional services.
Garden Layout
A sketch of the vegetable garden layout and structure that will meet the client’s needs.
Site Preparation
Measuring and marking out the garden location, and removing grass and unnecessary plants.
Soil Evaluation
Testing the soil and providing a report on its fertility, pH, and moisture.
Soil Improvement
Mixing topsoil, compost, and fertilizer to the soil based on the Soil Evaluation Report.
Sowing and/or transplanting the client's chosen vegetables. This includes initial pest and disease control such as erecting physical barriers, applying organic repellants, fungicides, or introducing beneficial insects
Growing Season Maintenance
Regularly scheduled activities that include:
  • Fertilization: Applying supplemental fertilizer.
  • Pest and Disease Control: Routinely inspecting the garden for any signs of poor growth such as insect pests, critter damage, fungus, or disease, and taking appropriate measures to solve the problems.
  • As needed: Deadheading flowers, hand pollination of plants, debris removal, etc.
Postharvest Activities
Digging up the remainder of the plants, removing debris, and putting the soil to rest for the winter by turning it over and amending it with compost.